Baby Yoga: Supporting babies sensitive period for movement

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

The Montessori approach gives us an understanding that babies, from birth, go through a sensitive period for movement and sensory stimulation whereby they work towards mastering their fine and gross motor skills. Baby yoga is a really powerful way you can support them in meeting this need during those early months.

The benefits derived from baby yoga include;

RELAXATION - Babies benefit from the calming effect of touch and the gentle movements

•RELIEF - Yoga can help to aid babies developing digestive system and bring relief for tummy upset caused by wind or colic.

•MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT- Yoga supports the babies muscle strengthening which in turn lays the foundations for their key milestones (sitting, crawling, walking and balance)

•COGNITIVE SUPPORT - Baby yoga is also known to support the development of the neural pathways in your babies brain. Particular moves work the right and left side of the brain to form connections in the synapses which can later support hand-eye co-ordination and concentration levels.

•BONDING - Possibly the most important benefit - baby yoga reinforces that special bond between you and your baby because it releases the feel good (love) hormone ‘oxytocin’.

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