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Book Shelves - Less is more!

I’d be lying if I said our book shelves were this tidy all the time!

We’ve used good old Ikea spice racks here for ours. It’s simple and a great space saver.

Key Tips:

📕Place books at your child’s height so everything is eye level to them.

📗Have a few on display at one time so they can clearly see the front covers- this makes it so much more interesting and compelling for them to want t

o take one down and read. Too many can be too overwhelming.

📘Position the books front facing as opposed to on a typical shelf where you only see the spine. This is so children can see their favourites, pick them out with ease and replace them.

If you have a shelf full of books then perhaps clear the bottom 2-3 rows to display a few favourites front on.

📙Less is more- we have limited ours to 8-10. Too many books can often be an invite for them to just tear them off the shelf ending up in a heap on the floor. Having just a few at one time means you can then rotate them every so often depending on what your child is showing an interest in. Can you guess what our little man us interested in at the moment?

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