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Language Baskets

Now that we’re not able to see family apart from through daily FaceTimes I thought I’d create these family photo cards for A’s basket work. It’s also just a nice way for him to stay familiar with close family members when they’re not around so much.

I made these on @snapfishuk but if you’ve a Polaroid or printer you can make them really easily. Thanks for the inspo @hapafamilyvlog This leads me into sharing a few object/ image matching cards I’ve created for A to support his vocabulary. He’s at that age where he can start matching objects to cards and start making connections that 3D objects can also be in 2D image representation.

This activity is not intended to drill the names of the objects into children but a fun way for them to build their concentration, visual discrimination and cognitive development. Montessori is very much against the rote learning of typical flash cards.

I’ve also created language baskets using these sea creatures and safari animals with image cards from amazon but you can go about creating them really easily at home by just finding images online or taking pics of objects in the home. The closer the images are based on reality, the better. You’d have seen me do this with fruits and veg and objects A uses daily- toothbrush etc. You don’t even need to label them at this stage. Then simply print them off and laminate if you can.

These are also really great to use as props when story telling. To Intro the names of the objects for an 18month old, I’d recommend using the first period of a typical Montessori three period lesson- e.g -simply say “Octopus” and let your child feel around the object, looking at all the details and offer it to them to have a look. Keep repeating the word “octopus” then you might say “this is an octopus” then name another two objects and follow by asking the child to “point to the octopus” from a selection of three objects and so on.

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